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Vina Valentine Certificated career & Life Coach

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The First Step Is Setting The Goal, and The Hardest Thing Is Making The Plan.​

A Little Bit About Myself

I have a Master's in Management with concentrations in Building Sustainable Businesses and Communities and a BS in Social Work from Norfolk State University. I'm trained in Conflict Management, Organizational Development, and Advocacy. I am completing my doctoral Degree in Public Administration at Walden University, focusing on educational policy. My Professional coach training certification is through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My Mission & Approach

I connect with the desire to be impactful to my community and to be of service. Being able to witness success in progress and supporting people while they explore and take steps toward their goals is a true reward. I love this work and particularly enjoyed working directly with our people as they explored their personal and professional goals.

Areas Of Specialty

Career Development

More energy, vitality, and accountability from a coach that pushes you to meet your professional goals. Coaching will encourage you to stay committed to real results and start living your desired life.

Personal Growth

Build the courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change life throws at you.

Building Self - Confidence

Acknowledging the value you add in every circumstance and becoming empowered to remove obstacles from your journey of self improvement.

Navigating Changes

Become adaptable and strategic in every pursuit​. Focusing on the goal while enjoying the journey.

life balance

Make space for all the important things, people, and experiences you desire.

Mentoring Youth

Offering guidance and safe place to work through your thoughts as you prepare for the next phase of life.

Professional Background


I became a certified life coach in 2015, trying to find my purpose. While pursuing many goals, I have been successful in business management for international companies and nonprofits. I found my voice in advocacy, working with political campaigns on various social issues and continuing to support my community.

  • Organizational Development & Business Management

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Advocacy and Equity Building 



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