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“Yesterday, today was the future. Don’t waste a minute.”

Getting Started

Success starts in your mind. Starting your program requires you to move out of your way.
Removing the superficial barriers and getting to the root is especially important. This requires you to focus on the bigger picture.
Identifying things and people who add value to your life and growth
You have to stay engaged and active in your journey.

Meet Vina

Vina has been serving her community since 2009, when she decided to pursue her education as a helping professional.  That was just the beginning of her journey, taking her from small grant-funded programs into the corporate world and every place in between. Her passion has been advocacy, community development both culturally and economically, and most importantly, people’s education. Vina has been successful in acquiring resources to help promote a progressive environment for all communities. Coaching is the elevated step to her offering her community unique services of personal and professional development, motivational speaking, and community outreach and advancements. 

“I believe the best thing you can offer your family, career, and the world is the best version of yourself and that takes honesty and hard work.”

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